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he first parade was launched on September 11, 1999 in Toronto , celebrating 2000 years of Jesus Christ and recognizing the new millennium. It featured all the books of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation with live Gospel music, floats, costumes, banners and flags. Public and media response was favorable, and the mayor issued a proclamation.

Since then Festival of Praise has sponsored a number of public events including a worship conference, a Revivalists & Reformers Symposium helping participants better understand their spiritual roots, and an Ethno Music Gospel Fest bringing together the sacred music of the nations. It has also organized a Historical Bible Fashion Show with music and drama from Bible days to the 21 st Century.

The Jesus in the City Parade brings people from many different Christian denominations, churches and charities together in celebration and praise and has now become an annual event.

Parades & Processions

arades and processions are part of church history. In Bible days, theatrical productions frequently took place in the open; in fact, seashores were the amphitheaters of the day. By displaying banners of all the books of the Bible with the theme of each book, we convey the relevance of the Word of God in society.

Pick A Story!

ith Toronto having so many languages and nations in one place, the parade shares God’s word in a visual, non-verbal way. Biblical costumes and floats help tell the various stories. A church or group can pick a story of the Bible or a theme creatively depicting its message in drama or on a float. Other participants wearing colorful T-shirts lend festivity.

Live Gospel music on flatbed trucks provides a mobile platform leading everyone to enter into worship.


John Hodge has portrayed Jesus every year since the parade started in 1999.